Winter Fitness Challenge: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 8 Update

This fortnight on the Winter Fitness Challenge actually turned out to be only one week of workouts (sad face), it is still hard, but I’m feeling like I have hit a results wall (I need to sort out my diet!).

bbg week 8

For all the banging on I do about how I need structure and routine in my life and workouts I have a bloody hard time sticking to one.

So I changed my workout schedule to Thursday, Saturday, Monday for all the reasons you can read about HERE… and it lasted about two weeks. I skipped a workout I had to try and add it in somewhere else in the week, I was exhausted one day (seriously I have to do some research on how not to be exhausted all the time), and next thing I know its taken me two weeks to complete week 8.

So it total it’s taken me 10 weeks to complete the first 8 weeks of the Kayla Itsines BBG (not perfect but also not zero.) And this way I am back to posting an update on all the even weeks which is kind of how the guide works best in my opinion.

Things ramp up again in Weeks 9-12 with HIIT running works out (I will be glad to rid myself of the something ‘& cardio’ workouts in the weights training because they kill me.

I’m still working on my diet (probably will be for the rest of my life) but with only 2 weeks until Spring (queue disappointment I won’t be finished the first 12 weeks of BBG by then), only 7 weeks until I want to go out and wear something completely inappropriate I have some pretty good motivation coming into the home stretch.

And only 2 more update posts for the 12 Week Bikini Body Guide. *sad face*. But as I am still determined to keep going after this first 12 weeks (I think I want to start BBG 1 from the start again) I will occasionally post how I’m going still I think. But its far to soon to think about that as I still need to get stuck into the last 4 weeks of this program, lift my running game and get cracking on HIIT running sessions.

Coming up next week on Healthy Monday is how sneak more of the magic elixir (H2O) into your day!

Love Ya,

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