Why I Stopped Reviewing the Kayla Itsines BBG Program (but still do it)

Okay so you may have noticed that my Review of the Kayla Itsines 12 Week BBG is incomplete. I haven’t given up. In fact I’m just finish off the last 2 weeks now. However I have stopped reviewing it and may take down the first 10 weeks of review. Here is why and why you should go ahead and give the BBG a try…

Why I stopped Reviewing

I love the BBG – I didn’t expect to – reading my first review I was sceptical at best, I had avoided doing it for so long because it had so many critics. I was wrong. And I am happy to be wrong.


I don’t like that it’s called a 12 week program, apart from the fact believing you can totally change your body in 12 weeks is pretty exciting, but alas, for the changes I want to make, big, permanent ones, 12 weeks is only the beginning.

And my first 12 weeks in the program has A. Seen some promising results and B. highlighted my need for structure and consistency in my life, C. given me a good grounding for creating such habits.


But saying 12 weeks doesn’t do the BBG justice. Because I think it is sustainable, it is worth including this into your lifestyle and also totally achievable to take on long term. So even without my amazing transformative results, I would recommend you giving this a try.


I have stopped reviewing it and am considering removing my previous reviews because my own review is flawed, I was not consistent or committed enough with my diet and it is therefore not right if you were to make a decision or not chose the program because of my advice or results. Because, as a lifestyle choice, I think BBG is a pretty good one, but based on my review, you wouldn’t choose it.


I now consider my first 12 weeks, my winter fitness challenge, the ground work for a lifestyle change into consistency (emotionally and physically) and fundamental diet changes (I just ate 50% of my daily calories intake a breakfast) which I of course, will be sharing with you.

I will do another, more consistent review of the BBG guides, although without the fortnightly check-in’s, and am in the midst of creating a FREE companion packed full of BBG advice and tips from real BBG girls and advice on how I am correcting my historic program fails – so stay tuned to get yours in October and let me know if you are on or are starting the BBG guide so we can support each other (and hit each other up BBG Instagram style – I’m going to tag the shit out of you with all my #widn and #morningabs (except never #morningabs).


Love Ya,

simple crown



  1. Angelina
    October 11, 2015 / 11:02 pm

    BBG is huge, and I’m always amazed at the differences between the before and after. I agree that it seems a bit misleading to call it a 12 week program, though I’m glad it’s set the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle later!

    I was considering buying her guides because of all the positive reviews, but ended up finding them online for free after some Googling. It seems like most of her exercises require a gym membership, which I don’t have, so I’ll just stick with Blogilates for now!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • October 13, 2015 / 9:57 am

      Hey Angelina!
      I started the workouts because of a few free ones I found online and ending up buying it!
      How do you find Blogilates? I tried it and could not even! Perhaps I did an advanced one I don’t know but I’m pretty sure i looked like a goose!
      Thanks Babe
      Kelsey x

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