September Life and Blog Goals

Did anyone else realise 3 months ago that they are totally failing that their New Year resolutions (yeah yeah I know that they suck because everyone fails at them) and make a little pact with yourself to improve but then suddenly its September and even though there are still 17 weekends left in the year you don’t possibly think you can make any meaningful progress on them?


That’s me too. Except there are 17 weekends left this year, and while, on reflection, some of my goals have changed since the start of the year – there is plenty of time to start achieving these, and some new ones in the remainder of 2015.

So today I am sharing my bit sized little goals for the month of September – and in October I will go ahead and update and set some new ones.


What goal are you setting yourself for this month? Or to do before the end of the year?

A new school year to start? Or end? Exams? A fitness or a blogging goal?

Share them with me below and leave your twitter handle and I will tweet at cho!


By October 1 I will post a full body outfit post on Instagram – Okay so I hate any photos taken where you can see anything below my neck. (I have been working up to before and after photos for my Kayla Itsines review for 12 weeks and still haven’t been brave enough to post them). Every time I see one I think ‘what even is my body, why am I so large from a boobs to my knees, it isn’t even body shaped, it’s a lump.’ Even worse, whenever I get dressed I think, ‘wow as soon as I lose weight I’m going to start posting more fashion and outfit posts’ Yes I am a bad example.

It’s kind of like a fitness and a self-confidence goal in one. I will be fit and comfortable enough to post this.

If you have any full body selfie tips or photography tricks (or a favourite blog post) feel free to share them with me in the comments because lord knows I have never mastered the outfit selfie technique.


15 minutes of Yoga x 3 times per week – It might sound like nothing – but it’s the habit that important. I have it on good advice that to create a good habit (like I’m hoping Yoga will become) start with really winnable amounts, less than you think you can do, it get that achievement culture rolling and then build upon it.

Instead of saying an hour session 3 times a week and then failing the first week and giving up. This is hard but it relates directly to my next goals…


Find more time in the day – Yep I have checked behind the couch cushions and under my bed and I just don’t know where the day goes. I’ve been blaming winter for a long time (because its dark within an hour of getting home)  but there must be another way to structure or cut out something so that I can fit all the meditation and yoga and workout and eat and still a little bit of relaxing into a day. My plan is to study this for the first week (hello blogs….) and then implement little things.

If I find any gold I will be sure to share it with you.


Reach out to 2 blogs for guest posts – One of my goals at the start of the year was to do more collabs and so far I have done zero! So this month I am going to find two blogs that I would love to be create a post for, and shot them an email (worst case scenario is that they say no right?)

I’m not expecting to have them published this month or created, I just want to start the ball rolling.

Do you have a blog and are looking for a guest blogger? You can take the extra day off and let me post for you? Feel free to shot me an email or comment below.


Send out the first chapter of my ebook ‘The Ultimate Guide to Growing your Hair Long, Healthy, Thick and Fast’ (it’s a working title) the first chapter is nearly finished and I want to be sending that to my email squad, like yesterday, the plan is to have that done by this weekend. Hello achievement.

(If you want a copy just sign up over here)

Okay 5 goals, seems just lofty yet practical enough. Feel free to badger me on Twitter about them!

What are your goals this month? Is there anything I can do to help you achieve them?

Love ya,

simple crown



    • September 4, 2015 / 5:31 am

      Thank you!
      That’s what I think I don’t want to commit to one and not have enough time to do a really awesome job… Small baby steps maybe!
      Things always seem to get crazy coming into Christmas (and I mean like 3 months out from Christmas!) doesn’t it?
      I don’t know how you did blog-a-day in December last.
      Kelsey x

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