Question Tuesday: To Facebook Message or not to Facebook message a boy?

Don’t lie, have you ever Facebook Messaged a guy ‘just in case’ he wanted to message you but wasn’t sure how to find you?

So you met a guy, let’s call him Adam, on a Friday night, he makes you laugh, like a lot, and as you socialise around the party you keep finding your way back to each other and having a great time…a few wines later your on the dance floor and you catch each other’s eye again, and then…. nothing.

Its the next morning and you smile when you think about meeting Adam last night, but he didn’t get your number, you didn’t get his, you’ll probably never see this guy again. But wait, you remember that Adam came to the party with your friend Matt. You search Matt’s friends and low and behold there is Adam looking particularly Paul Walker-ish circa Into The Blue – do you click the little speech bubble icon and start the conversation?

I don’t want to give too much away – watch this if you want to know more


See you next Tuesday for another episode where i’m hopefully slightly less awkward and my dog still as cute.

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