How the Primal Blueprint Transformed my Lifestyle

You may have noticed on my Instagram (if you follow me there, if not, treat yo self @kelsipop) that lately I’ve been coating my food in oil, eating bacon with reckless abandon and making my own sauerkraut. Spoiler Alert: its the Primal Blueprint.

All the things that seem kind of backwards, and fatty and, as far as sauerkraut goes, would have been disgusting to me a few months ago.

Some of you have definitely noticed and you’ve asked… what the hell is going on with your food  lately? (sometimes you use the word diet but I hate that one)

So today I am going to try and answer this question.


Since February 27th 2016, I am pretty much following Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint diet (my brother-in-law is a Primal Blueprint Coach) you can get pretty generalised run down of the philosophy and logistics behind the Primal Blueprint here (a 1 hour interview by Lewis Howes with Mark.)  But I’m going to give you the highlights version of the big changes that have directly affected me.

From Carb Burner to Fat Burner

You go from being a carb burner to a fat burner (I consistently carry around a meal with me on my love handles). You get a ping of anger every time you see a girl’s Macro Chart with 60% carbs. My fats – as my main energy source – sit at about 60% of my macros.

It took about 21 days (Primal Blue Print 21 Day Body Transformation) to make this change and it involved keeping your carbs so low that your body works out it has to use your fat for energy.

I am certainly not perfect at this, I would say I’m 90% Primal – occasionally I go out for Pizza with friends, have fresh bread at a restaurant or a snickers bar (because I’ve got to live my life). And that’s okay. I really enjoy those things, and when I’m ‘cheating’ I’m thinking about sucking out every ounce of pleasure from that experience, not thinking about how this will ruin my life.

I don’t Eat THIS food…

I don’t eat any grains (90% of the time: goal would be 98% of the time).

No pasta, No flour, No wheat, No gluten free pasta, No cakes (didn’t like cake anyway), No liquorice (actually liked that), No beer (mostly).

Nearly no snacks! I didn’t think I could do this. After years of hearing about 5-6 small meals a day, I am now on three (sometimes two) meals a day. Occasional snacks of nuts and jellies (homemade from the good-gut-loving gelatine) because I’m not totally transformed yet and still get hangry!

The not eating so much free’s up more time in my day than you would expect. And I don’t have to be thinking about it all the time ‘when am I next going to eat’ ‘what can I eat’ etc) Literally I plan, eat and forget about it until I have to do it again. It’s kind of pretty nice.

The Transformation??

And let me tell you – I don’t need to nap in the afternoon’s anymore, I don’t get that hard bloated pregnant belly I used to, I don’t get that sick, spewy-like feeling in my stomach when I run anymore…and best of all?

My skin has completely cleared up.

I focus on anti-inflammatory foods (thus the no grain) – because I have that hard, swollen, tight around my middle (spare tyre kind of thing). Like I literally have swelling around my insides, not even ‘like’, it literally is that.

My sister lost 6cm from her waist in 6 weeks by giving up grains. My transformation is a lot slower and 38 times more frustrating. But that’s the kind of transformations that are possible (although my Wellness Coach sister would say focus on how you are feeling, and other non-scale, non-aesthetic goals.)

I HATE the term CHEAT day

Once a week I plan a cheat day, during the week I write down everything I’m craving and then go nuts one day of the week. Favourites include (12 Snickers bars, Nerds (weird craving), beer, hot chips and Pizza, gummy bears, corn chips….oh god I’ve got to stop writing because its making me hungry and sad).

My Day On A Plate

To give you an idea of my daily meal plan it looks something like this:


Bullet Proof Coffee (or Dandilion Tea)

Mini Egg and Bacon quiches (meal prepped)

Weekend breakfast is a delicious Bacon and Egg cook up…


Snack @ 10am:

Nuts (favourites include macadamia, Bazil or cashew)


Leftovers from the night before (seriously I do this every day, its sounds so freaking simple but when I don’t have to get up in the morning and worry about what to pack for lunch my day just goes so much smoother!)

Afternoon Snacks (usually at 4.30 when I get home from work):

Jellies or bone broth (this is honestly the hardest snack of the day because I still get those sugar cravings around this time)


Lamb and Mint Paleo Sausages with cheat salad, avocado and macadamia oil; or

Moroccan chicken and salad

Chicken with Peanut sauce and steamed veg.

(since you bring it up I’m going to be doing a Feed Me Series over the next few weeks sharing some of my favourite recipes above)

Primal Dinner

 What isn’t mentioned here:

I still fail at this nearly every single week (even on days that aren’t the designated cheat days. And I don’t get mad at myself, I just get straight back on track with the next meal. I am just trying to move the needle towards perfect eating not starting at 100% and setting myself up to fail.

And that’s okay if you are too.

If you have made it this far, you are an absolute legend.


Is there something your eating that is making you feel like crap? Are you always bloated? Sleepy?

I’m not saying that Primal Eating will work for everyone, it certainly isn’t – but here is a simple action step you can take to establish what might work for you.

Write down in your phone ‘Notes’ App everything you eat (or if you are a more visual person, take a photo of everything you eat) for a week.

During that week also note down (in the same spot if possible) every time you feel less than a 9/10. Whether its bloatly, sleeepy, grumpy for no reason, if you get a new pimple. (Don’t do this during the week of your period because that just what it is – yay for Scott McCall boo for period fat-days – bein’ a lady is hard).

At the end of the week have a look and see if you can see any patterns, anywhere that you can instinctively feel needs improvement (trust whatever your gut is telling you, we don’t give our instincts enough credit.)

Comment below what happened…


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