August Favourites

Today I am sharing my August Favourites! This is perhaps my first ever Favourites posts (can you believe that?) but I always love to read them and this month I have actually been loving the shit out of some new products, trends and other things.


August hey. I know I say this every time I hear the date but…how to hell is August ending already? Just yesterday I was rocking coral lips and having a birthday (oh no wait that was 4 months ago.) But here we are. First day of Spring *yayayayay* so let’s take a peak back into what I’ve been loving last month.

Let’s jump in to everything Beauty…


~ Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Foundation in 225 and Fit Me Set + Smooth powder ~

I picked up these two during the half price Maybelline sale at Priceline maybe two weeks ago for about $5-6 each (such a bargain!) by chance because they had my colours left.

I purchased a Fit Me foundation when they first came out and was…just oh hum about it, I didn’t love it, I love this!

It is a medium coverage (at best) but it buildable with really thin breathable layers. It is deigned for Normal to Dry skin.

My favourite thing? is the glowy/dewy finish – without being oily or sweaty!

I’m still forming my opinion on the longevity – I’m playing with application (stiff bristles flat brush V beauty blender V fingers) so I can’t confirm my full opinion on the lasting effects of this.

august favourites1

~ Full Lips Thingy ~

Yes, I am possibly the last perfect to the lip plumping party with these bad boys but better late than never.

I purchases this because I’m thinking about getting my lips done – and I thought it there is a way I can cheat for about $550 cheaper well that’s worth a try.

I love it – it does only last a couple of hours, but I do a little bit every night to ‘train’ my lips into it, and every time I do it I take about 7000 selfies because I love how my lips look.

Now this isn’t for everyone, my sister hates it, and tells me that it’s bad for my lips, hmm. I don’t know.

Let me know if you are interested in a full review and info session on these because I am happy to provide.

dry shampoo

~ Dry Shampoo ~

I could put this in every favourite post I ever write. I love this stuff and wear it everyday. I can’t even count on al my fingers and all my toes how many times I’ve repurchases this stuff. If marrying products was legal (I’m sure we’ll get rights straight after gay marriage) I would marry a botte of the XXL stuff tomorrow – but then I would probably cheat on it with the Wild version.

My picks are definitely the XXL because of its styling capabilities and the Wild or Tropical flavours for the smells (and it you don’t like your hair feeling gritty/dirty this is the way to go.)

august favourites2

~ Australis Nail Polish ~

I wrote about how much I love these in a rant over here, so I’m not going to go on too much but even in Winter I love these two colours. White and a pale pink, classics in my book, and I have been going pretty solidly on these two.

~ My New Bed ~

I brought s new bed!!! Not even lying I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for nearly a year now and I couldn’t decide what kind of bed a wanted (wooden? Pallet? Low?) But then I remember that I’m The King and I got this one…

my bed

~ Lace Up Neckline ~

This bodysuit is everything from ASOS. I wrote about lace up a couple of weeks and I love it just as much now (and see it absolutely exploding on Instagram). I am just waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear this and I will be sure to post an outfit of the day – check out my instagram for updates.

asos laceup bodysuit

~ One Direction Drag Me Down Video ~

This is the moment in One Direction history that their fashion just really piqued (like the ‘22’ video clip for Taylor Swift), they are just such cuties, and I’m feeling I’m back to feelin the boys again right now.

Augst was a great month and I’m even more excited about September, it’s only the second day and I am already discovering new things to love and am excited to show you so much of it!

What was your favourite thing this month??

Love ya,

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    • September 3, 2015 / 1:18 am

      Gotta share that Bastise love!!

  1. September 8, 2015 / 3:58 am

    I’m obsessing over lace up necklines!! Such a great trend 🙂

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