29 Gems of Advice from a 29 Year Old

(Tinder, Sunscreen and Embarrassment Advice)


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’?

Less of a phrase more song lyrics less song lyrics more my birthday mantra?
And believe on April 6 every year I take the crying option more than I am pleased to admit. Instead of the great celebration of another year conquered my birthday makes me feel like I’ve chalked up another year of failure, not being where I want to be, not doing the things I love, having the freedom I want, the career I want, blah blah blah.

One week every year it gets on top of me. But I know some good stuff, occasionally I give some smart advice (and I love giving advice), and I’ve found some pretty sweet prods and just stuff has happened that I want to tell you about.

So today – just after my 29th Birthday I’m going to share with you some of my best pieces of advice.

Here they are…

 1. Some of your friends are assholes – spend less time with those ones.

2. If you can find him (his Facebook, Instagram, phone number) he can find you. If he wants to, he will

3. Wear sunscreen (my pick is Skinstitut – because it gives your makeup a glowy finish). I constantly force people to guess my age and thus far the average is 24/25 – my immature attitude also helps, but a lot can be credited to sunscreen to.)

4. Ignore every single list of ‘things to do/read/travel to/have/know before your 30’ – Just Do You. (You can read about how angry they make me here)

5. Tinder is a wasteland of young-twenty-something-boys who still live with their parents and backpackers. I want better than that for you. So should you.

6. Make an effort with friends that move away or aren’t around every day – connections to others matter. A Lot. I have been terrible at it in the past and I’m really having to try and make an effort, every week to check in with the people I love but don’t see all the time. It is worth it.

7. You’re not ready until you’re ready, and it won’t happen for you until you’re ready. But sometimes you have to start it anyway to check if you are ready.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar in some water will make you feel better instantly. (bloated, tummy ache, just ate a small child in donuts)

9. If he doesn’t ask you to marry him in the first 3 years of a relationship, he never will.

10. Watch the entire Sex and the City series after a break up

11. Forgive yourself. A lot. Sometimes, especially when you’re sad, you will do shitty things, sometimes to other people, sometimes to yourself. Forgive yourself, and try to do better, don’t walk around waiting/expecting Karma to fuck-you-over.

12. When you embarrass yourself or when you remember embarrassing yourself 5 years ago, make this faceembarrassed emoji 29 advice

and move on with your life. There’s nothing you can do now.

13. Another thing about being embarrassed, try to remember a time when someone else was embarrassed. Can you remember one? No one else can remember yours either.

14. Try to read a little bit everyday

15. You will have to find a balance between being arrogant as fuck and talking about yourself all the time and telling great stories/ sharing experience.

16. Try not to act like a dick towards ‘famous’ people – with the exception of Will Smith, Brad Pitt, George Clooney (or someone of equal calibre) – sometimes you can’t help it, but try anyway.

17. Your gut is never wrong

18. Read He’s Just Not That Into You (watching the movie doesn’t count) and consider it your bible.

19. If you read the top 3 books on any subject you are already more knowledgeable about the subject that 85% of the population

20. They will tell you that men like bitches and girls love bad boys. But in reality men with low self-esteem like bitches and girls with low self esteem like bad boys.

21. ‘You just do you. Imma just do me.’ – should be you motto

22. Try to always pay your bills on time and never apply for credit unless you are absolutely going to take it. Your credit rating sucks; but its important later.

23. Get laser. Everywhere you want it and as early as you can afford it. It is a game changer.

24.  Practice and master the art of looking like you didn’t try too hard. Even if it takes a lot of trying.

25. Always dress in a way that if you were to end up at a semi-formal party you wouldn’t feel out of place. (Aaron Hurst via Quora)

26. Everything is learnable and figure-outable and you can get good, even great, at anything if you are committed enough

27. Be committed enough.

28. Taylor Swift has been so kind as to add these two gems to the list…
1. You are not entitled to anything, but there is nothing that you cannot earn.
2. Enthusiasm is the cure to everything.

29. Take action. Don’t make plans, make reservations. Live your life in such a way that once you learn how to do something you immediately go and do it without hesitation. Wavering, uncertainty, low confidence and fear are what separate the should-have-doners from bloody-well-did-its. Do it. Do anything. But DO it, don’t think about it.

Okay what so you think? Can I graduate into being 29 (feel free to hold me back to repeat 28 again!)

What’s your best life advice? Comment below.

Love ya,


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