28 thoughts everyone doing the 28 Minute Kayla Itsines Workout

As you might know from here or here the foundation of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Program is the 28 minute HIIT workouts 3 times a week. But in preparation for you to take on this 28 minutes let me prepare you by sharing with you the 28 thoughts everyone had during these 28 minutes…

28 Thoughts (1)

1 It’s only 28 minutes

2 OUCH this kind of hurts.

3 I’m not even sure how to do this exercise

4 Oh yeah, I think I can do about 6 of them

5 I don’t think I can do all 4 blocks today.

6 Why does Kayla hate me?

7 Yes a little break

8 Maybe just another 15 seconds rest


10 Oh this one might be my favourite excerise – I can get through at least 10 of them.

11 Zac Efron is so going to dig me when I get this bangin bodyd

12How did that only take 1 minute

13 God I hate Kayla

14 Yesss half way


16 I don’t think can do the last half


18 Think of the hot body

19 Think of the hot body

20 Think of the hot body

21 As soon as this block starts there will be less than 7 minutes to go

22 Last one you can do it


24 Kayla’s Abs

25 I’m not sure I want to get ripped this much

26 Would anyone ever know if I just stopped now?

27 You got this

28 #KaylsArmy


I just want to add, that if you haven’t done it yet, when we think ‘I hate Kayla’ we say this out of pain and suffering, later when we Instagram our before and after photo’s we can’t even remember ever thinking that we hated Kayla Itsines.


What is your favourite exercise curse thought?

A lot of people enjoy the shits and the fucks, but during a workout, I think it’s the obscene, inhuman granting noises that satisfy me the most.


Love Ya,


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