10 Easy Tips to Keep Hydrated Inside and Out

Today I am sharing 10 Easy Tips to get and stay hydrated from the inside and outside no matter the weather.

I’m a hydration snob, seriously, it’s not an attractive quality but I brag about the amount of water I drink (hey you’ve got to be proud of the small things.) Through a combination of running and boredom I can sip down 3 litres of water minimum a day – yes, and I am surprised more people aren’t overwhelmed with awe when I drop this fact – but for a lot of people it is a struggle to even get through 1 litre.

TIP 1: Drink your water slightly warm, not hot, just add 5% hot water to your water and always carry a bottle (reusable) with you for some good mindless drinking throughout the day


TIP 2: If you really struggle with remembering to drink – set yourself a challenge and mark your bottle with times of the day and try to drink down to the line by that time.


TIP 3: Before each meal (as your already in the kitchen) drink a full glass of water before you start to eat. This has been shown to assist with weight loss to (as its fill your stomach a little bit to stop you from over eating) and it a great way to sneak in an extra glass if you have been slack.


TIP 4: Once or twice a week slather your body with coconut oil for an extra hit of moisture.


TIP 5: Stand in the rain once in a while – it probably won’t help with hydration but once in a while is good for your soul


TIP 6: Start from the inside – if you are weird and crazy enough – enjoy a spoon full of coconut oil straight down the trap (mouth if your not Australian) on the daily.


TIP 7: Use dark rainy nights as a good excuse for extra Pamper Nights and do a hydrating face mask, hair mask, take a bath with something particularly decedent and hydrating from Lush and swap you glass of wine for a hot lemon water for some extra detox in there too.


TIP 8: Eat your drink. Minestrone soup for example, as well as many fruits and vegetables, have high amounts of water in them – its like Benefit’s Posie Tint – a hard working multi-tasker!


TIP 9: Hands often get a bit of a raw deal in winter – they are always out in the cold, they get washed several times a day (I hope) and are always forgotten with the moisturiser. Keep a hand moisturiser (perhaps you can actually use one of those free ones we all have stocked up from our subscription boxes) on your work desk or in your car or by your bed for regular moisture top ups when you won’t be washing your hands straight after.


TIP 10: Consistency – Set your hydration routines and follow them through every season – perhaps amending them slightly for the weather! – But most things (hair masks, body moisturise, drinking coconut oil) all work best when they are done again and again over a sustained period. It’s boring but its true.


Hydration is magic, it literally helps and heals our brains and how bodies, cures headaches, reduces hunger and oh yeah your body is made of about 70% water (hell even your bones are 30% water).

So even trying out 1 or 2 things from this list can make a big difference to your day.


What is your tip for drinking more water?

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    • August 25, 2015 / 10:07 am

      Thank you sweet girl!
      Kels x

  1. August 25, 2015 / 12:21 am

    I live for number 8. Especially with vegetables because I’m not the biggest fan of eating them so I just drink them! These are awesome tips. So easy and practical, just what I need in life right now. Thank you!

    • August 25, 2015 / 10:07 am

      Thanks Tiara, you darling!!
      Kels x

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